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February 12, 2018 10:04 PM

Expect More Development Announcements At Sanford Sports Complex

Sioux Falls, SD

You'll soon see a lot more development in northern Sioux Falls near the Sanford Sports Complex.

Sanford now owns more than 550 acres in the area and has a plan.

Power & Grace Gymnastics will soon be jumping into a new facility. Crews are working on a larger gym at the Sanford Sports Complex.

"If you look at the high school programs and club programs, the love of the sport is being spread. It's gone really well," Owner Dennis Champoux said.

The gym isn't the only business moving to this area.

"We're within the next several weeks going to be announcing hopefully a couple more projects," Kevin Lampe, Executive Vice President of Sanford Sports, said.

Sanford is also collaborating with the City of Sioux Falls to build a rugby field. Work will start this spring, with players taking the field next year. Then there's a little something that made big news a few weeks ago. Sanford plans to donate land on the property to the school district for a new school.

"Schools need green space too. They need outdoor activity areas. We have acres and acres and acres of that. I think that's a really good marriage potentially," Lampe said.

Lampe says he's getting a lot of interest from other businesses. Because of that, Sanford has come up with a plan. It includes a mix of office, commercial and recreation space.

"If we can get them off the couch, get them active and keep them active through their young years and provide opportunities that interest them into adulthood, we all win out of that," Lampe said.

Which is why the growing health care organization says it's an active player in the development game.

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