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February 13, 2018 05:23 PM

Federal Spending Bill Restores Funding For Community Health Centers

After months of uncertainty, 17,000 patients in South Dakota won't lose their health care.

Last week, President Trump signed a new spending bill that restored funding for community health centers like Falls Community Health in Sioux Falls. 

The funding ensures access to primary care for the most vulnerable in our community and accounts for approximately $1.6 million in the Health Department's budget.

"We're like any other primary care clinic with benefits. What we do is we're able to, for folks who are uninsured, we're able to provide care to them at a sliding fee. Based on their income, it's a much more affordable option to them and something that is a hallmark of community health centers," Sioux Falls Public Health Director Jill Franken said. 

Health centers in South Dakota were facing a potential loss of $14 million in revenue. 

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