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May 15, 2018 05:42 PM

Forest Service Prepares Black Hills Campgrounds

The Forest Service is making preparations for the opening of its campgrounds on Friday. 

The Forest Service has 30 campgrounds scattered throughout the Black Hills with more than 680 camping slots; and they are scheduled to open Friday. 

But first, personnel have to conduct a program of maintenance and refurbishment. It's a sort of spring cleaning, if you will, for the Forest Service campgrounds. 

"We're trying to get everything ready to go prior to the big opening, obviously, on Memorial Day. So they'll be out, they're in there right now, they'll be opening them up probably Friday," Black Hills National Forest worker Ben Schumacher said.  

The cleanup includes raking up pine needles, cleaning out outhouses, dusting off picnic tables and numerous other tasks that amount to a big job for Forest Recreation Management, the company that handles the campgrounds.  

"Yup. All the major campgrounds, all the major fishing areas. The FRM will be responsible for getting the boat launches put it and set, ready to go, getting the campgrounds clean," Schumacher said. 

If you are headed for the Hills and intend to do some camping, it's possible to reserve camping spots by going online and reviewing what is available

"Other ones, you show up. There is no reservation. And so it's first come, first serve.  And when they're full they're full," Schumacher said. 

At some campgrounds, it's a good idea to check in with the campground host if you don't have a reservation. Otherwise, fill out a payment envelope at the main billboard area.

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