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October 17, 2017 04:09 PM

Governor Says Minnesota Will Offer Modest Bid To Amazon

St. Paul, MN

Gov. Mark Dayton says Minnesota is preparing only a modest bid for online retailer Amazon's second headquarters with no more than $3 million in direct assistance.

The governor told reporters Tuesday that Minnesota's pitch focuses on the quality of the state's workforce, educational opportunities and transportation systems. He says no direct subsidies are involved, but the pitch outlines the state's existing incentive programs, which have a $3 million spending cap. He says it avoids "gimmicks and gadgetry."

Other states are preparing incentive packages worth $1 billion and more to lure Amazon's second headquarters, which could eventually employ 50,000 people.

Experts say Amazon launched its public bidding process to try to maximize offers for incentive packages, but there are factors besides incentives that also drive location decisions.

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