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February 13, 2018 06:11 PM

Hunters Pointe Teaming Up With Pheasants Forever During Fest

Pheasant Fest kicks off this Friday in Sioux Falls for the very first time. Upwards of 27,000 people are expected to visit one the biggest conventions the city has ever seen. Local businesses are taking part in the event as well. 

Chris Chamness is pushing snow and prepping boxes in hopes of a busy weekend ahead. The owner of Hunters Pointe is excited that South Dakota is finally hosting Pheasant Fest.

"Nice to see it here because so many of the people I communicate with, it all comes around that Chinese ringneck. It kind of belongs to South Dakota a little bit," Chamness said. 

Hunters Pointe is actually teaming up with Pheasants Forever this weekend. They're going to have dozens of children out on Saturday for a special event.

"We're going to have basically 120 kids out here with 40 coaches. We're going to learn advanced and shooting practices, patterning and shotgun sports as well as cowboy action on our rifle range," Chamness said. 

The event is full. The kids range in age from 11 years old up to 17 years old and come from all over the country.  On top of the Saturday event, Hunters Pointe will also be ready to host any Pheasant Fest guest who wants to come out and test new equipment.  

"If they buy a new gun or they want to get out and just get away from everything for a little while, we'll have the sporting clays course; about 80-90 percent of it open this weekend. They'll be able to come out and get a little shotgun therapy. A lot of people will be around friends and family this weekend anyway.  We're just one other place, something else they can see," Chamness said.

Another business planning to see an economic impact from the big convention. 

Chamness says he'll be visiting friends at Pheasant Fest all three days. The event will feature vendors in the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center, Convention Center and Sioux Falls Arena. It kicks off on Friday and runs through Sunday.

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