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September 07, 2017 10:04 PM

Metli Plaza To Inspire Others In Downtown Sioux Falls

Downtown Sioux Falls will soon have another addition.  It's not a boutique or apartments; instead, it's a plaza that aims to inspire you.

On any given day in downtown Sioux Falls, you'll find people out enjoying the river, but this area by the Big Sioux wasn't always so big for those who wanted to enjoy Mother Nature.

"There were no benches. There were no walkways. There was no anything," developer
Craig Lloyd said.

At least one man had a vision though. Longtime Sioux Falls city planner Steve Metli oversaw many projects, including greening up the Greenway and creating Phillips to the Falls.

"To be a dreamer, you really have to go out on a limb. You have to take that leap of faith," Lloyd said.

On Thursday family and friends honored the man who had faith in downtown Sioux Falls by unveiling a project in his honor. Metli Plaza will be by the new Arc of Dreams and will be a peaceful prairie garden.

"He would have loved this occasion. He's been honored with other things in the past, but I'm sure this would have been at the top," Steve's brother, Mike Metli, said.

Mike says his younger brother was not only a caretaker for the city, but also his family.

"My mom lived here while we were in Colorado. My other brothers and I lived out there. He always made sure Mom was taken care of. He was a very caring, loving person," Metli said.

Mike hopes others will embrace that same attitude when they come to Metli Plaza. The project will also have a Community Dreamer wall that will honor people every year who improve the city.

"They wanted this to be unbelievably unique to inspire other people to do other great things," Lloyd said.

Whether that's building up downtown Sioux Falls or taking time out of your day to inspire others.

"You need to take that leap of faith to go to the next part of your dream," Lloyd said.

Work will start on Metli Plaza next spring

Lloyd and Tom Walsh have pledged $50,000 in matching money for the project.

SculptureWalk needs $250,000 for the plaza.

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