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May 16, 2018 10:02 PM

More Businesses Coming To Southeastern Sioux Falls

You can expect to see more businesses breaking ground in southeastern Sioux Falls.

Hundreds of people already call the area home. That's helping drive more companies to the area.

The Barrel House opened around a year and a half ago near 57th and Sycamore. It is one of the most popular restaurants in Sioux Falls.

"Last week we did a record week in sales," Owner Mark Fonder said.

The restaurant's owner says one of the recipes for his success is that the building is surrounded by homes.

"It's a dense population with the apartments and twin homes. It is a neighborhood bar/restaurant," Fonder said.

The Barrel House could also be serving up more customers in the form of new neighbors. Several businesses plan to move in nearby.

"Sanford owns about 85 acres on the northeast corner of 57th and Highway 100 or Veterans Parkway," Reggie Kuipers with Bender Commercial said.

In addition to Sanford, Lewis Drug also plans to build here. Just a little west of that, crews are working on a neighborhood office park that contains eight lots.

"They've been filled up in about a year and a half, so they've had tremendous success here," Kuipers said.

In addition to those offices, you can also add a new bank and gas station to the list. Kuipers says there's more to this eastern development movement than just businesses wanting to be near homeowners.

"The southern portion of our city is nearly at sewer capacity. There's just not a lot more development further to the south. Louise, Western and Minnesota are pretty much tapped," Kuipers said.

Which is why you can expect to see more businesses tapping into these once wetlands.

"Any growth out here is good, especially for lunches," Fonder said.

More growth that this restaurant hopes will keep the barrel rolling.

One of the businesses moving into the office park is Digi-Key, which is one of the largest electronic component distributors in the country.

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