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April 15, 2018 10:11 PM

New Hospital And Clinic Set To Open In Custer

Custer, SD

People in the southern Black Hills will soon have another place to go when they're sick or hurt. Regional Health is building a hospital and clinic in Custer. 

This brand new 44,000 square foot hospital and clinic in Custer will soon be open for the public.  It will not only benefit patients but doctors too.

"It offers us adequate space to care for people, adequate lighting, big areas of trauma bays, and just the adequate resources to do the things we do best which is great health care," medical doctor with Custer Regional Health, Joy Falkenburg said.

The nearly $22 million building is replacing an older facility located down the road to meet the current and future needs of people in the area.

"It really makes more sense to do a full master facility replacement, you get the aged mechanical systems, you're limited on square footage, even some of the land opportunity would limit us, but we have multiple opportunities by doing a full replacement," Custer Market President, Mark Schmidt said.

The hospital and clinic will provide more privacy for patients and families with eight patient rooms, 18 exam rooms, a hospice suite, and more. Plus this will give Custer the opportunity to bring in more health care providers.

"That space allows us to invite more care partners in, also having new specialists come to Custer, again our current environment wouldn't allow us to have more specialists, this environment will allow us to do that," Schmidt said.

The new facility will open up on April 30. 

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