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June 22, 2018 10:02 PM

New Sioux Falls City Admin. Building Opening Next To Adult Store

The new Sioux Falls city administration building opens on Monday.

Its next door neighbor is an adult store, Romantix.

When city leaders decided to put City Center along Dakota Avenue, some people were worried about Romantix being just to its north.

"The particular business that you're talking about, I would expect some change there as well," Then Mayor Mike Huether said in 2016.

With the City Center now just days from opening, Romantix is not going anywhere.

"We have no intention of leaving. We've been here for years and would like to continue to stay here for years," Romantix Director of Store Operations Nik Schlein said.

Schlein believes the new City Center will bring in more customers.

"Romantix looks forward to all of the additional traffic it's going to bring to the downtown area," Schlein said.

Erica Beck, the mayor's Chief of Staff, says city officials have tried to contact the out-of-state owners.

"To see what their long-term plans are and if the city could work with them and engage them in those discussions. Attempts that were made were not returned," Beck said.

Beck says the city is interested in not just redeveloping Romantix, but the entire area.

"That area is interesting because it's obviously on the outskirts of downtown. It would be great to see a lot of these areas that are on the outskirts of downtown redeveloped," Beck said.

Back at Romantix, Schlein says he doesn't know anything about the city contacting his company.

"If they are interested in having us move, we would entertain an offer if they came to us. As I said, they have not approached us," Schlein said.

Public Works, along with Planning, Zoning and Building Services and Parks and Recreation, will be located in the new City Center.

Some services will still be at City Hall.

You can find out more information here.

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