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March 13, 2018 05:59 PM

Sioux Steel Relocation's Impact on Downtown Sioux Falls Development

Sioux Falls, SD

Sioux Steel's decision to leave downtown Sioux Falls could have a major impact for several development sites.

The company has been in downtown for 100 years. Sioux Steel leaders haven't said where the company is moving. Its plans could change the area and further develop the downtown economy. 

Sioux Steel Map downtown Sioux Falls

We spoke with three different stakeholders about the potential ripple effect. 

It's too soon for any iron-clad plans, but Sioux Steel's owner says restaurants, offices, stores, hotels and housing could sit on this land someday.

"This is another long-term game-changing event for our Downtown," Jason Ball, president and CEO of the Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce, said. 

Ball says these types of potential developments would boost the area. 

"We're going to see more investment in that area. It's good economically for the community. Again, it continues to build that Downtown differentiation," Ball said. 

"It does give us that opportunity to pause and think about Downtown holistically and how all the parts fit together," Joe Batcheller, president of Downtown Sioux Falls Inc., said. 

The land sits near another hot spot for re-development, the 10-acre rail yard. Batcheller with Downtown Sioux Falls says adding another 10 acres to the mix will likely improve and possibly change plans here. 

"For it to be in such a critical location, too, next to Falls Park and the developing uptown area, you know, it has the potential to tie together the Eastbank," Batcheller said.

Another nearby project that stands to gain momentum is the Levitt at the Falls. 

"Anything that's going to bring more people downtown and give people another reason to come downtown and live downtown and shop downtown is great for us," Jennifer Kirby, board chair for Friends of Levitt Shell Sioux Falls, said. 

Kirby says that extra traffic will help bring more music-lovers to the planned outdoor concert venue in the future. 

"The more inviting we can make it for everyone, the more everyone is going to feel cohesively connected in Sioux Falls and that we all belong here and we're all important," Kirby said. 

So far there is no timeline for the project, but it will likely be done in phases. Batcheller says it'll likely be decades before the entire area is complete. 

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