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February 21, 2018 10:04 PM

Technology On Tires

It's no secret that today's consumer wants convenience.

More people are shopping online, and more businesses are adding concepts to make shopping quicker.

For example, McDonald's has even added a mobile ordering app.

Among the dozens of businesses gearing up for this week's Sioux Empire Home Show, you'll find one that didn't take a lot of setting up.

"We decided to do something completely outside of the box," Digit-All Technologies Owner Wade Backman said.

Backman simply drove his RV into the Convention Center.

"Our industry is technology. You always have to be a step ahead. We think this is a couple steps ahead," Backman said.

Last year Backman decided he wanted to open up a showroom for his business, Digit-All Technologies. Instead of finding a physical location, he decided to remodel an RV.

"It's tough to get people to come to your brick and mortar building. We thought what better way than to do a mobile showroom. Deck it out with everything we do, and bring it to the client," Backman said.

In addition to the mobile showroom, there are 250 booths at this year's Home Show. They range from huge hot tubs to playground sets.

"If you're remodeling or buying a house or looking for a builder, everything that you need is out here at one spot this weekend," Kwik Kerb Owner Will DeWitt said.

After the Home Show, Backman is going to roll out his next project---building tailgating busses. He plans to not only sell the technology inside, but also the entire tailgating unit.

"People can take their friends and family members and go to their favorite football game. They can pull up with one of these wrapped in their favorite logo, and have some fun," Backman said.

A fun idea in a changing business world.

The Home Show is this Friday through Sunday at the Sioux Falls Convention Center. It costs $7 for adults and is free for children 12 and under. You can find more information, including a list of exhibitors, here.


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