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June 25, 2018 10:12 PM

"The Walmart Effect" In Southern Sioux Falls

Ever since Walmart moved in two years ago, the area near 85th and Minnesota in Sioux Falls has been booming with new businesses.

Chislic; it's now the official nosh of South Dakota.

Yes, state lawmakers approved Senate Bill 96 to make the proclamation last session.

"We're going to make it the focal point of the restaurant," Erik Christensen said.

Soon Sioux Falls will also have a restaurant themed around the state's nosh.

"We actually have a chislic hamburger and a chislic philly-- those kinds of things," Christensen said.

Christensen is one of the partners of Urban Chislic. In addition to five different types of meat and a wide variety of sauces, you'll also be able to get typical meals, such as a regular hamburger and french fries. The eatery will open late this summer near the intersection of 85th and Minnesota.

"We thought the location in front of a Walmart-- you can't beat that," Christensen said.

Right next to Urban Chislic will be SafeSplash Swim School. If you're not familiar with the concept, it offers swimming lessons for adults and children. The franchise is growing quickly across the nation. Why? Of course, you can't buy swimming lessons online.

"We've been talking a little bit about changes in retail. I would say this is an excellent example of a service provider," Commercial Broker Raquel Blount said.

Blount also leased a nearby 10,500 square foot shopping center within months after Walmart opened.

"The land moved incredibly fast," Blount said.

Other businesses, such as Aldi and Reliabank, are also working on locations in the area.

"It's that combination of the regional draw with having a Walmart and the proximity to the population and the dense housing to the south," Blount said.

A combination that these business partners hope will cook up more success.

"The excitement that we've been hearing and the people who are asking us everyday, 'Are you open? Are you open?' Oh my gosh. We can't wait for it to open," Christensen said.

Urban Chislic is in the process of hiring around 40 employees.

If you're interested, here's the restaurant's contact information.


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