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October 16, 2017 01:29 PM

Uptown Developments Further Phillips To The Falls Vision

Sioux Falls, SD

The Uptown area of downtown Sioux Falls is undergoing some noticeable changes. 

Kathy Stensgaard moved into Phillips Avenue Lofts the day it opened three years ago. 

"We decided we would try something new. We thought, 'Let's give downtown living a try,'" Stensgaard said. 

Over those past three years, Stensgaard has had a front-row seat to the area's changes, especially the additions coming to the Jones421 building. 

"Having a coffee shop close by will be very nice, and I think any new businesses that come to this area are going to do very well because of the number of people that are coming downtown," Stensgaard said. 

Vice President of Downtown Sioux Falls Brienne Maner says the new shops and restaurants coming to Uptown will improve the quality of life for people in the area. 

"And our downtown Sioux Falls footprint continues to grow.  That's just a huge win for our entire community," Maner said. 

That footprint is completing the Phillips to the Falls vision, too, says Maner, something downtown visionaries have been focusing on for years. 

"We have over 2,300 people living in downtown Sioux Falls now and they need those amenities to go along with it. So as the beds come in, we also want to see those amenities continue to expand," Maner said.

"And the beauty of this area, can't be beat. When you look across the street right now with the trees changing and being able to walk to the Falls, it is really a premier place to live," Stensgaard said. 

The Jones421 building will feature everything from a floral shop to a coffee shop.

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